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Déclaration du "Frente de Mexicanos en el Exterior" (FME)

You Are Not Alone ! NO ESTAN SOLOS !!!
>Mots-clés : Solidarités 

FME Solidarity Statement

To our Hermanos and Hernanas in Guadaloupe and Martinique, You Are Not Alone !

The Frente de Mexicanos en el Exterior (FME), condems in the strongest terms the threatening posture of the French government to the peoples of Guadaloupe and Martinique. We will not sit idly by and let the French government continue to treat our brothers and sisters as colonial subjects, or worse. We stand in full support of the just demands of the people’s movements of Guadaloupe and Martinique for economic,democratic, social,civil and cultural rights, human dignity, and self-determination,we are all brothers and sisters.

The Frente recommends the French government that the resolution to the crisis in Guadaloupe and Martinique can only be addressed through diplomatic means in full accord with international law. Any invasion or use of force to crush these political conflicts would constitute a clear human rights violation. This crisis will only be justly resolved when the French government fully complies with all 146 of the people’s demands. Nothing less will be satisfactory.

Signed Al Rojas,National Coord.
Frente de Mexicanos en el Exterior (FME)
Sacramento,California E.U.A

No Invasion !

Respect, Honor, and Fulfill ALL 146 Demands !

Self-Determination for Guadeloupe and Martinique !

Mon, 16 Feb 2009

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